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Sign of your partner's anxiety
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Here Are the Signs That a Loved One Has Anxiety

Whether it’s a romantic partner or spouse, family member, or close friend, it’s heart-wrenching to watch someone you love struggle with anxiety. That said, anxiety is so prevalent in our society, chances are that if you’re not experiencing it, someone in your life is. So how can you help without butting in where you’re not …

Anxiety Blog

How to Identify Anxiety in Children

Childhood is an overwhelming time — there are new schools, awkward situations, and new friends. In fact, for a child, everything is new, and can trigger anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most commonly experienced mental illnesses in the United States — this also applies to children. Roughly one in eight children may have an anxiety …

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How Anxiety Impacts Relationships

Under ordinary circumstances, navigating the world of love and relationships can be as treacherous as driving without GPS at night. Add an anxiety disorder to the mix, and relationships can get even more complicated and confused. Roughly 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety, which equates to about 18 percent of the general population. Even …