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What Causes Anxiety?

Unlike the flu — which you can come down with suddenly after being exposed to the virus — anxiety disorders develop over time due to a number of factors. About 40 million Americans have anxiety disorders, and yet there’s a lot we still don’t know about the causes. Identifying the source of anxiety is not …


What is Social Anxiety?

It’s Saturday night, and your best friend’s throwing a big birthday bash complete with a taco truck, mariachi band, and 300 of her closest friends. Should be a blast, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case if you have social anxiety disorder — one of several forms of anxiety disorders recognized by mental health professionals. For …


How to Deal With Your Anxiety

If you are a person alive in the world in 2019, there’s plenty to feel anxious about. From the geopolitical climate to climate change, you don’t have to search hard to find reasons to lie awake at night. And you’re not the only one counting the cracks in the ceiling. About 20 percent of American …


Is CBD Effective for Calming Anxiety?

Around the world, anxiety is one of the most common emotional and behavioral challenges. A 2017 report released by the World Health Organization estimated nearly 264 million people worldwide are living with anxiety. We’re no longer turning to the same old pharmaceutical medication. In a 2018 study of CBD users, “anxiety” ranks as one of …

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How Anxiety Impacts Relationships

Under ordinary circumstances, navigating the world of love and relationships can be as treacherous as driving without GPS at night. Add an anxiety disorder to the mix, and relationships can get even more complicated and confused. Roughly 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety, which equates to about 18 percent of the general population. Even …


Understanding the Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are frequently referred to as “first cousins.” While neither causes the other directly, anxiety and depression may occur simultaneously and often reinforce one another. That said, it’s important to understand the relationship and the differences between anxiety and depression. The Link Between Depression and Anxiety Both anxiety and depression arise from a …


What’s the Connection Between Chest Pain and Anxiety?

Have you ever felt a squeezing pain in your chest? Or felt like there was a weight that made it difficult to breathe? Perhaps you’ve even gone to the hospital for what you thought was a heart attack, only to discover the chest pains your experiencing were caused by anxiety. If so, you aren’t alone. …


Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: Is There a Difference?

Because panic disorder is a form of anxiety, the terms “panic attack” and “anxiety attack” are often interchangeable. Adding to the confusion, anxiety and panic can share some physical symptoms; like accelerated heart rate, chest pain, and shortness of breath. At their core, though, anxiety and panic differ in emotional states — They have different …


Beyond the Pharmacy: Popular Natural Remedies for Anxiety

When it comes to managing your anxiety, there are a raft of treatments to choose from, including individual or group therapy and medication prescribed by a doctor. There are also plenty of natural approaches that are effective at managing anxiety. How to Naturally Combat Anxiety In addition to being effective, these strategies will have far-reaching …


Does Meditation Work for Anxiety?

Who hasn’t fantasized about running away into the quiet of the mountains when life starts to feel overwhelming? Although, there’s no need to join a monastery to benefit from the mindful practices of Buddhist monks. In fact, you can ease meditation for anxiety wherever you are: sitting in your Prius in traffic, tucked under the …